What is optimal media for DMR-ES25?

I have a stand-alone Panasonic DMR-ES25 (since January). I have been getting an unacceptable percentage of disc failures after recording on blank Ridata 8x DVD-R, with the message displayed: “Cannot read - pls check the disc.”

I’m not sure if this is because of inferior media, (it doesn’t happen much with another brand, but that brand is a Maxell 8x DVD+R, which the player has to format before it can record),

but before I have the player checked out,

I want to ask if anyone can suggest optimal brands and speeds, or (in their opinion) THE optimal brand and speed of blank DVD-Rs (does 8x or 16x make any difference?) to use? Thanks.

(DVD-R, I think is what the player wants, not DVD+R, which it has to format)?


My first pick is Taiyo Yuden then Verbatim then SONY

After 6 months of use I think the best media to use is DVD-R.
Very quick to format, faster FF, low cost per disk, plays on nearly any DVD player, most any DVD-Rs will work fine.
Four hour record mode is fine, 2 hour or flex record even better, avoid 6 or 8 hour modes (too much quality loss).
With the low cost of DVD-Rs no reason to record at 6-8 hours as nearly all movies will fit in 4 hours.
Keep a few DVD-RWs and DVD-RAMs to use like a DVR, for time shifting or for temporary storage.
DVD+Rs can be used in a pinch but must be formated.
DVD+RWs should only be used if you are out of other media.

Hints: Lable your recordings as soon as you finalize, make LP your default record mode, keep your recorder in an area with good air flow, keep a blank DVD-R in the recorder so you can record something on the fly.

Thanks for the brand recommendations.

Thanks for the tip about keeping it in area with good air flow; didn’t think about that; it’s cramped now - may be overheating - I guess that’s the reason for the need for good air flow.

(I record news and interviews that I don’t care about image quality with at 8 hours - everything else I record at 4 hours.)

I don’t know what “FF” means in “faster FF” - lol - I won’t guess though.

Thanks for help.