What Is Nero For?

Does any one know about Nero Version which downloadable from Nero ftp server but not listed in Nero site. Some say this version is only designed for BenQ drive which hard to believe.

Which FTP site? I can’t find it.

I’ve heard of an OEM version and something to do with Lightscribe… I thought the version # was something like 6.6.1.xx though.

I finally found it at ftp://ftp1.usw.nero.com/oem/Benq/, and it is OEM for BenQ. Think I will try it anyway.

Wow, it is big, 140 mb.

If you have and you just run the files and don’t save them you won’t use any harddrive space.

No, I meant the size of the download is 140 mb.

Allready a thread about this: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=163506