What is needed to burn a X box game

What is needed to burn a backup of an X box game? I have anyDVD and CloneDVD now. Thanks

Just use DVD Decrypter. Once you have it, follow these steps…

  1. Go to Mode
  2. ISO -> Read
  3. Once it’s finished reading, go ISO -> Write and find where the file you have just created, burn it. That’s it

Oh yea…i forgot…i’m not sure with x-box games, but are they dual-layer discs, if so…you need a dual layer burner and dual layer discs which are quite expensive…And i guess u need a modchip installed…

you cant burn a xbox game with pc alone…you will have to network xbox to pc and ftp from xbox to pc then burn that way look at this link post # 6


for more info try http://xbox-scene.com or http://afterdawn.com or http://xboxstation.com

several tutorial there and you will need some kind of modification first weather it be a chip or softmod

your pc drive will read a xbox disk just not all of it so dont waste your time trying to burn it like a cd or dvd

Why even bother typing your 2 posts if you don’t even know if Xbox is dual layer or not? I don’t think either of your post have any validity at all, but maybe I’m wrong…no offense meant.

Xbox discs are like multisession CDs but they are in the DVD format. The problem is that the DVD spec does not have this type of ‘multisession’ format. So, most PC drives and software (if not all) can not read the actual game data.

RichMan, arn’t we all here to help? Is it still possible to burn dual layer discs.

yes we are here to help :iagree: :iagree: and yes it is possible to burn dual layer disk as long a you have the correct burner

but the oint here is about xbox games and burning it is not as simple as using decrypter to read and write ISO like PS2 game Xbox it different subject which is why i provided him with link that could possibly help him more. dude111 could probably figure everything out just by reading other peoples post or just simply looking through the good tutorials provided at xbox-scene and afterdawn.

Go Here
or try
This is the best iso rip burn programmes I’ve used for backing up XB0X games.
You will need a chipped XBOX with a hacked bios (evox), a FTP connection to a PC from your XBOX to rip the files and .xbe patcher

okay - I think I have enough to start with. Thanks for the links

No offense meant? He posted in the newbie forum and you answer like that?

If you read this thread correctly, you will see that I was NOT replying to the original poster who had the problem. I was replying to someone who was offering suggestions that didn’t even relate to the problem and they didn’t seem to read the actual problem. And yes, I meant no offense.

Looks like my mistake.