What is my fault

Hi@all, first of all my english is not very good but let me explain my problem.
I’ve bought the DVD Version of F.E.A.R and want to make a backup.
I read the DVD with alcohol and my Plextor PX716A with the options:
-ignore errors and
-make DPM (4X Speed)

(I also turned the RMPS Emulation option on)
After i had the image i mounted it first with alcohol virtual drive and then with daemon tools.->Emulation software detected

Then i heard about the tool Securom 7 Stop and used its->now Fear is not
detecting an emulation software but Fear says:Original disc couldn’t be found or authentified.

I’am so angry about this but I dont know what i am making wrong.
does someone of you what i can do?
Thank you very much

Try recreating the image.
This time extract the DPM at full speed (not 4x).