What is my current DVD R/RW drive?



Are there any utilities that would allow me to find what brand of DVD drive I have? I think it may be a lite-on, but windows calls it generic.


UPDATE: although it only says ATAPI DVD DD 2x/16x/4x/16x in windows, my BIOS and Nero’s infotool tell me it has firmware G7Z9. Doing a search indicates it’s probably a BenQ 1620… but I don’t know for sure.


Try to use CD-DVD Speed. It show both drive model and firmware installed


You have a generic BenQ 1620. It won’t show as a BenQ unless you crossflash with a non-generic firmware. You might want to look into this as it will give you access to QSuite utilities.


Thanks. I’m really just looking to flash my drive, in as safe a way as possible. Is crossflashing safe? How safe? 99 percent as long as I follow directions?

If there’s any updates that don’t involve crossflashing, I’d love to know about that, too - my drive is good enough for my purposes.