What is 'Mounting'? Use in decrypting?

While googling this morning I keep encountering the phrase ‘mount image file’ and similar. Could someone spell out in relatively simple terms just what that means please? And how would I do it?

The background to my question is that I’m researching methods to ‘decrypt’ a few score of WMA files that I downloaded from Tesco UK, originally to burn a CD for my wife. I’d like to listen to the tracks on my PC, but they won’t play in my prefered MediaMonkey player. They do play in WMP9, Creative Player etc, but I use MM for its library facilities and I’d prefer to play the music there. The WMAs are apparently ‘encrypted’ or ‘licensed’ - i.e. they have this DRM stuff preventing my using them as freely as I believe I should be able to.

The method I’m using this morning so far is playing each WMA in WMP9 while recording in Goldwave, and then saving with a new name, which is proving very tedious.

I found the following alternative guidance:

  1. Copy the CDs to the disk file image .NRG with Nero.
  2. Mount image file as virtual CD drive.
  3. Setup from that.

I have Nero Express (part of OEM package that came with my DVD writer a few months ago) and I’ve just done step 1, ending up with a .nrg file about 1GB in size. But how do I ‘Mount’ it? And what does ‘Setup from that’ actually mean?

Any no-brainer help would be much appreciated please.

Terry, West Sussex, UK

Mounting in image is nothing more than loading the image of a CD/DVD in a program that acts as a CD/DVD drive, a virtual CD/DVD drive. It is then as if the image is a CD/DVD that is loaded in a player.

There are several programs that provide such virtual drive capabilities, Nero ImageDrive is one of them.

Thanks, appreciate the fast reply. Now think I understand; mounting is essentially opening.

But what is supposed to happen when you do so? I just did so with Nero, opening an NRG file. The Nero Express wizard comes up with its Image File box showing:
D:\Docs\Sounds\CONVERSION etc\NeroImage\SchumannSymph2Image.nrg
And the Destination Drive box shows
Image Recorder [DVD]
If I click Next, that just asks me what name I want to save this as - which seems to be pointless! It already is an NRG. How is this “…as if the image is a CD/DVD that is loaded in a player” please?

Terry, West Sussex, UK

no, mounting is NOT opening.
mounting means, that you have a software installed which “emulates” a CD/DVD drive. as this drive is not real, you cannot insert physically any media. so, you have to insert these “media” virtually. to do so, the virtual CD/DVD drive needs an image file (which has to be a file-type the virtual drive supports!).
if you “mount” this image into the virtual drive, it’s just the same as when you insert a real cd into your real drive(s) - you now can access the content of the image via explorer.
to mount nero images, nero offers an own virtual drive (which i never used 'til now).

Thanks, Razor1982, got it.

Have you found a way to mount the NRG file in Nero please? As you saw from my last post, I’m confused about it. I suspect my OEM Nero package (which came with my DVD-writer a few months ago) does not cover this facility. There is a program in ahead’s menu called Nero ImageDrive, but on trying to run it I get a message saying my licence doesn’t allow it.

However, leaving that aside, I have just installed Demon Tools. (It was when using that to mount my NRG file that the penny dropped on what ‘mount’ means.)

But can you/anyone help me to accomplish the task I described. IOW, having mounted MyWMAfiles.nrg in G: what do I do next to get the WMA files extracted and decrypted please?

Terry, West Sussex, UK

OK, sorted thanks. With my NRG file mounted in the virtual drive G:, I simply ripped that to a folder on my HD. The resultant WMA files can now be played in MediaMonkey!

A lot clearer once you’ve done it once. :slight_smile:

Terry, West Sussex, UK

Perhaps Alcohol 120% can be useful here ?

I’m not sure - and others will help better, but Alcohol is a Virtual drive used for mounting - and you may want to rethink your initial 1GB NRG format, in case whatever ‘virtual drive’ you decide to use doesn’t accept the ‘proprietary’ format…perhaps creating an ISO file using something other than Nero (or Nero ?) and then Mount that ISO file - as ISO is a standard.

BTW - which Nero version ? 6.x ?

I see you got it now - right, Daemon Tools …joy at last :wink:

Thanks, EyeForOne. Yes, finally sorted. Without resorting to alcohol; well, maybe just one glass of dry white :wink:

Terry, West Sussex, UK