What is mounting an image with alcohol

I want to know, if I can use a downloaded game from the internet, that has a .bin or .cue file, without having to burn it

I am not sure if this forum lets members talk about illegal topics.
Mounting a cd image on a virtual drive is just like puting the full retail bought cd in you’re real cd/writer drive in you’re actuall computer. The image is the Full cd itself as just been copied to say, you’re HD .With alcohol 120% it has/would have already placed a virtual dive (fake) in the “My computer” where all your local drives :floppy,HD,cd rom etc.

When you have read an image to your HD with alcohol 120%,
right click on the vitual drive which will then bring up a tab of options which contains open,explore,find… etc go down to
“mount image” click it then click open then browse for the image file . e.g hitman.mdf . find it select click open then it will load and the game install options or whatever will pop up like the normal game disc being put in a cd rom.

thanks for the info, so i guess I wont have to burn it!