What is most recent 1640 firmware?

BSMB, BSLB, BSNB? I’m confused, and how do you “flash” it?

Off topic: Why aren’t dates and times shown on posts? Curious.


BSOB, I’ve had no problems with it though some prefer BSLB. As far as the posts go, if it says 1 hr. or 3 days ago, you can figure it out, if it is an old post it says the date posted.

Thanks. I have BSMB other than BSOB, so guess that is the latest one, hey?

I would think BSNB. As far as flashing goes, just download it and follow directions, then reboot. It does everything else itself.

BSOB is the latest. people use L and M probably just as much as they use O. if you search for the threads or search on the BenQ site it should say what’s been improved with each firmware revision.

BSNB had a bug that was fixed with BSOB (don’t quite remember what the bug was), but that’s why you’ll see few people still with N firmware.

as far as flashing your drive, you download the file and execute it. if you don’t have a benq but a rebadge with another maker’s firmware on it you’ll have to use BQFlasher. I recommend you do a lot more reading up on firmware flashing before you try anything though as a bad flash is often irrepairable.

Hi :slight_smile:

Release Reason:

  1. Fixed DVD-DL PTP format disc cannot be played issue in BSNB.

Release Reason:

  1. Fixed QScan does not work properly.
  2. Improved the writing quality of 4x DVD+/-R media.
  3. Supported FTI 16x DVD-R media.

Release Reason(s):

  1. Modified the writing strategy for DVD-R, DVD-R DL & DVD+R DL media.
  2. Improved the compatibility between SolidBurn and QSuite for DVD-R media.
  3. Supported new feature in QSuite v2.1 (Show media support information)

Note: QSuite v2.1 can be downloaded from http://support.benq.com/files/Storage/Software/QSuite/QSuite v2.1 Setup.zip

Release Reasons:

  1. Modified the strategy of SolidBurn for DVD-R media.
  2. Modified the writing strategy for 8x DVD+RW media.

These are the most common f/w’s used at this moment in time.