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Because I am new on this forum, I will in “Newbie forum” send my first question.

With friends we have to time to time make a video of concerts,… At the end is time to make DVDs for customers. Because we have te “take care” for older TV DVD players, we can´t decide what is better for BETTER COOMPATIBILITY AMONG ODLER DVD TV PLAYERS.

  • DVD+R with changed booktype to DVD-ROM
  • DVD-R

Please help me, because I really don´t know.


DVD-R is always going to be more compatible with more set-top players, but booktyping with DVD+R helps more players to be compatiable. It will not work with all players, but some of the ones that would not work with +R will work with booktyped +R.

If you want to ensure complete compatibilty, you would want to go with -R. It was originally designed for video, thus the higher compatibility, as +R was meant for data storage.


I would go along the same line that -Rs are better, in my experience they are more compatable.

As to + being designed for data, I may have to disagree with that. the reason we have - and + formats is pretty much the same reason we are getting BRD and HDDVD formats, because the companies can’t sem to agree on something which would make consumers’ lives easier.


So, DVD-R is definately more compatibile with older TV DVD players tnah DVD-ROM.
We currently have NEC 3520A and we are dissapointed. Samo customers have problems (DVD player coludn´t recognised DVD and the second problem was, that was no sound). We decided that we will buy new burner. Which burners (company and model) are the best for our situation (for DVD video burning). I have BenQ DW1650 in mind and LG GSA-4166B and GSA-4167B, but i´m not shure if it is the best choice. Please heLP us choose the best writer (PRICE IS NOT IMPORTANT!!). Only quality of burning is important. It is not necessarly that the writer have to be one of these 3.!
Please write more burners (and the first one should be the best).

Thank you. :smiley:


BenQ and NEC are considered pretty good burner manufacturers. Though there are a few things that make a good burn, disc (crappy discs will give crappy results), burner and firmware. Then add the software used to convert and author and you are entering a whole new world, and yes the software can affect playability.

True DVD-ROM is the most compatable, but unless you are stamping your own discs you are not going to make a -ROM disc. I have had some problems with family members’ DVD players recognising +Rs that have been booktyped to -ROM. Though all of them recognise -Rs no problem.


Personally i think that depends more or less on the dvd player, and i’ve to disagree that -r works better or is more compatible than +r with booktype -rom, since i’ve tested different +R media on different older dvd players which works perfectly.


Whereas it is the other way round from my experience, which is why I used it as a point, your experience now adds to the debate.

Most of my family actually don’t have old players, I have the oldest at 4 years, a philips which has played everything I have thrown at it, the rest of the family have 1-2 year old players. I also have accces because of this to players from the cheap £20 ones to a couple of home cinema systems where the players cost over £150 each.

Therefore I suppose the crux question is: What does the poster consider older?


We hawe problems with Verbatim MCC4, burned at 8x-12x with NEC 3520A.
Older TV DVD player is for us player, which is old more than 5 years.
But I am now completely confused and I don´t know which typ: DVD-ROM or DVD-R (because one say that DVD-R is more compatibile, others DVD-ROM) and WHICH BURNER shoul be the best for our using (for DVD video burning).


Yes, some older standalones even have problems recognizing/reading dvd media burned faster than 8x, not only with CDs (especially VCD/SVCD) burned at higher speeds than 16x. :frowning:


DVD-ROM is the format that manufactured (pressed) discs come in, however, [U]some[/U] picky set-tops still will not accept DVD+R that is booktyped to DVD-ROM. DVD-R is the most compatible for burnt discs simply because it was intended for video archiving.


Many burners would do a good job with quality media it shouldn’t be a problem with playback on dvd players, best would be to test the media MCC 004 is still good but there are in the last time variations in quality of the batches. Maybe tryin out Taiyo Yuden.


I am finding that bitsetting doesn’t work like it should. Seems to create as many problems as it solves on problematic players.


And there’s the point ‘problematic players’, like i mentioned before it depends almost on dvd players and of course the media you’ll choose, so you could get also problems on crappy players with low quality -R’s and +R’s. Nowadays lookin on statistics for compatiblity, +R and -R are on a pretty near or similar level.


That is marketing - There is no such thing as “-R is meant for video”, we are talking about two writing methods but at the end delivering the same results…it is still a DATA disc… a DVD containing a VIDEO_TS with the required files according to the DVD standard. The -R is better in terms of compatibility, not because you will get better looking videos :smiley: Yes -R might be compatible with more players, however using +R booktyped to DVD-ROM will provide even better compatibility - and the +R format is more tolerant.

The fact some players will not play a +R booktyped to DVD-ROM will depend on many factors, including the type of media used.

I have had no problem playing back Taiyo Yuden +R (bitset to DVD-ROM) on even the fussiest players that did not recognise neither -R nor +R, including very first generation DVD players… I was not able to get the same results with say a RITEK +R or other brands. So media is a factor too.

Personally I have always used +R for making video and never encountered ANY problem.


Have you thought about simply replacing your 5 year old desk top ? I don’t know where you live but even a cheapo player of today would almost certainly give better results than such an old player. Then you can happily use +R and forget about compatability problems


Musician, you haven’t mentioned what firmware you’re running. it’s possible a firmware update will solve your problems. most members here love their NECs! I’m a BenQ girl though so of course I’d recommend getting a Ben Q but there’s no reason you shouldn’t be getting successful burns with the drive you alreayd have.

have you done some research in the NEC subforum here yet? that will help to give you a sense of what types of discs people are using and what firmware revisions they have installed to achieve successful results…


Wow. So we"ll burn videos on DVD-R. (Sometimes if customer give us reclamation of DVD, we´ll burn again on DVD+R (DVD-ROM)). But I have 2 more questions:

  1. Because we will buy new computer and of course new DVD burner too (we will not replacing NEC from older computer to the new one). Which burner will be the best for our situation (price is not important, only quality).

  2. At all DVDs write number. 1 means the first place-the best quality (2 means the second place):

  • DVD-R: MCC 03RG20, TYG02, MCC 02RG20, TYG03

  • DVD+R (if we have to problems with DVD-R, we´ll try DVD-ROM): MCC 004, YUDEN 000 T02, MCC 003, YUDEN000T03

(If we couldn´t get the best quality DVD, that we weil take the second one and so on.) You can recommanded “your´s” models of DVDs.

Tnx for helping poor noooooob. :o


Oh yes. I completely forgot yesterday, that we tried firmwares 1.04, 3.06 and Liggy´s firmware (based on 3.06) on our NEC 3520A. We are so disapointed, that we are in big doubt if we want NEC again. For this reason I ask, which DVD writers are better for (almost) DVD video burning.
I can see, that BenQ DW1650 is one of the best (looking this forum), but maybe for DVD Video writing are another better. So please hepl me choose the writer.


In my experience, dvd+r booktyped to dvd-rom is more compatible than dvd-r.


For me BenQ1655 is the best - pure and simple. Burn Taiyo Yuden disks (YUDEN000T02) and you won’t go far wrong. I believe the 1650 should be just as good but without the lightscribe option. where I live the extra cost is minimal so bought the 1655 just in case I ever wanted to try lightscribe