What Is mds File? (Partnered With ISO File)

What is an mds file?

I have one with an ISO file. The mds file is only 5kB and the ISO is 4.2MB.

I play the ISO on the computer with VLC Media Player.

I might want to burn it to a DVD in the future. The ISO is 4.2 MB, so it will fit on a single side DVD, won’t it?

Is the mds file only needed for burning DVDs that are double layer?

What will happen if I delete the mds file?

I don’t know what will happen if you delete the .mds,it shure isn’t there for the layer break…:disagree:…but I would keep it,and burn de dvd by loading the .mds in IMGBurn…that way,the correct structure will be 100% preserved as intended.:slight_smile:

If the file is only 4MB is size, the MDS will be there so you can make the likes of DAEMON Tools mount the image as a DVD image (and emulate a DVD-ROM).

Otherwise, anything below 1GB in size will be mounted as if it were a CD (and emulate a CD-ROM).