What is MCC 02RG20

my friend just burned me a game and it runs perfect on my ps2…i put it in my comp and i used nero infotool to get that media code

what company makes those disks?

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (a.k.a. Mitsubishi Kagaku Media) == Verbatim.

Mitsubishi/Verbatim also outsources production to CMC Magnetics Corporation and Prodisc Technology Ltd. in Taiwan, Moser Baer India Ltd. in India. CMC Magnetics Corporation also produces Mitsubishi discs in Ireland and Mexico.


Yup, Verbatim is who makes them. The General rule is as follows: Verbatim media produced in Singapour is “true MCC” and will give you the best results as this comes straight from Mitsubishi Chemicals themselves. However, most of their discs are produced in Taiwan now. Prodisc and CMC are the two that produce Mitsubishi Chemicals media in Taiwan (Verbatims made in Taiwan). It seems that the prodisc produced mitsubishi chemcials discs give better overall results than the CMC produced ones. There is a way to tell which ones are prodisc and which ones are CMC produced, but I can’t remember how. Someone else here can probably fill you in on how to do that.

oo…ok thanks so I’m looking for Verbatim disks. Those disks that are always on sale on Amazon, are those the disks made from singapore?

um they forgot to mention they’re 8x dvd-r :stuck_out_tongue: if u get datalifePLUS verbatim 8x -r you will get these.

i have MCC 02RG20 made in INDIA :eek:

these are the ones that are sometimes on sale after rebate

are those the good ones?

These 2 say they’re datalife Plus, unlike the link you posted. The prices from amazon are a rip off though, except for the silver top 50 pack.

Here’s a larger pic, note: made in singapore:

That’s the made by Moser Baer India Limited media.

I got this media code in a 100 pack of Prodisc 8x DVD-R 100 pack I bought from Rima.com. Pretty satisified with the results. Wasn’t too pleased with them in my BenQ DW1620A but in the NEC ND2500A they do just lovely - about what you’d expect from a CMC Magnetics style burn with pretty decent results. I like the Silver Matte finish (I hate shiney silver discs - sigh) so I order 200 more of them from Rima.com. That’ll keep my 2500A happy for awhile. :bigsmile:


wow this is a first…Amazon prices for media beat out Supermediatore.
this must be super quality media.

if these are the ones made from singapore then where are these made?

If you hate rebates like I do, Best Buy runs the 8x Verbatim MIT + or- for 19.99 50ct. like every third week. They’re onsale this week. The + burn great@12x with the L&D firmware. Totally pleased with the scans. Haven’t tried the- ?

I’ve noticed that Meritline is shipping this code media as their store brand -R. Currently $39.99 for a 100 pack shipped. http://meritline.com/8x-dvd-r-media-mcc-meritline.html

thats wicked media bro … just got 10 pack yesterday … flawless burns … :bow:

I just noticed a coupon on the 50 pack this week $15.99 with ground shipping http://meritline.com/8x-dvd-r-media-mcc-meritline.html

** I noticed that the coupon says for the 100 pack (and is listed with the 50 pack), but I tried it with the 50 pack and it works.

Just wanted to say I bought some DVD-R Verbatim (MCC 02RG20) on sale at Sam’s Club Warehouse (link here ). It-store, they were about $36 for the 100 pack. Great deal, wonderful quality. Ran a Nero Speed test, and the average speed was 7.94x. So close to 8x, I can’t complain. :slight_smile:

What about MCC 03RG20’s? Are they outsourced to different factories too? I have Infiniti made in Taiwan.

Looks like that.
My Verbatim branded MCC 03RG20 are also MIT. :wink:

There is also Philips-branded MCC03RG20. This media code is made in Taiwan by CMC Magnetics, using MCC dye/stampers/etc. I haven’t heard of it being made in Singapore by Mitsubishi Chemical Corp, though apparently they do make some of the 16x DVD+R there (MCC004) but it only seems to be available in Singapore or in Europe.

Also people watch out MCC codes are more and more abused.
1 By infosmart
2 By others.