What is maximum overburn size with hp writer+ 9500?

I wanna burn an 800 MB avi file on an 800 MB CD. My CD writer is HP 9500. I couldnt burn with any other program than Nero (tried cdrwin and couldnt figure out fireburner, Feurio!, Padus Discjuggler etc.). In Nero I chose DAO/96, Mode 2 /XA, 2X speed and all the other overburning options. Nero wrote the 800 MB file until 740 MB, started giving a lot of error messages and stopped burning. When I tried to open the 740 MB written avi file, it didnt start.
Would it be smart to reencode the avi file and make it smaller (say 700MB for example)? What program should I use?

So can anyone tell me:

  1. What is the biggest cd size I can get with hp 9500 writer (assuming I have 99 min. CD-blanks for example)?
  2. Why cant’ I get 800 Mb avi file on 800 Mb blank with Nero?
  3. How do I downsize avi files to make them fit on CD-s?

No worries! I found the solution. HP 9500 doesn’t recognize cd-blanks bigger than 700MB