What is Lightscribe used for?

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Under my software installation lists on my cpu, I have lightscribe I looked it up and it goes with Nero? or something. But never says what it is? Do I need it on my computer? or is it useless? I just was curious what it was.


It’s the LightScribe system software. You’ll need it if you have a LightScribe capable drive, and plan to use it to burn images on the non-data side of your (LS) discs.

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The Lightscribe discs are special (read expensive) discs though. Normal CD/DVD discs are not lightscribable.

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Lightscribe discs cost on average about twice as much as non lightscribe discs, but you may find them for a bit cheaper if you look around.

They don’t really produce very good results either… there’s a pretty wide band around the center hole that can’t be printed on. The background is also dark gold, while the print is black, so it’s black on dark gold, which gives it a pretty limited contrast. Many users complained that the contrast was so bad, that a “contrast utility” was released to try to give better contrast, but even with that tool, the user often has to print to the disc at least twice to get halfway decent results.

In short, you’re better off using a regular printer to print a CD/DVD label.

Colour LS discs are available in some places :slight_smile:

See CDF review here by Jan70.

Interesting, I didn’t know about the color discs. But it’s important to keep in mind this is not color printing, just a background color on the discs other than gold. I would say the yellow looks like it gives the best contrast, so that’s the one I would be most interested in. Why can’t they make white ones? :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks like the Lightscribe color is just on CDR’s presently.

Yep, looks like it’s just CDRs currently :iagree:

I agree, white would be cool, as would silver :smiley: