What is leagal and what is not




I understand that buying a game then copying it for back up purposes is legal… But in this scenario, is it still legal or not?
If i owned a game then copied it, then lost/broke it
Is the copy still legal? Or i have to discard the copy…


Couple questions you have to ask your self.

  1. Where do you live.
  2. What are you doing with the backup. ( are you puting the orignal away and using it or using on disk at home and one at work…ect.)

This post in the cdfreaks news should help you out.



Generally if you can’t show a policeman the original then you shouldn’t have the copy. It doesn’t matter if you did buy it and then broke it.


Some proof of purchase should do in that case i suppose


Will a receipt work?
And im in the UK… Not sure about the piracy laws there


So long as you can prove that you did purchase the original, your copy is legal. Having a copy in the event that the original is lost or destroyed is, after all, the purpose of making a back-up.