What is kept in last 4 burn log?

Curious as to know, I know the lite-on keeps a last 4 disc burn log sorta thing (learning) but does anyone know what is in it exactly? and does it reside in the eeprom or the flash? does it include CD and DVD? say if i reflash firmware, will it still be there?


It’s in the EEPROM, so it’s retained after a flash. It contains entries for CD and DVD. The data stored appears to be OPC values for different segments of the burn.

so from that can I infer that:

  1. They can tell that we have oversped the last four burns by looking at the Laser Power Data if we return the drive without clearing it.
  2. That if we burn CD’s it will push out the DVD OPC Data

How much space does something like that take? and if I backup my EEPROM with the EEPROM Utility, does it mean that the last 4 burns are backed up too? i.e. I can restore the EEPROM to get good burns, or before returning a drive? (not that I will) :wink:

  1. To be honest, I doubt they are that clever. The current media reset done with the EEPROM Utilty would looks more obvious that the EEPROM had been tamper, then just leaving it. If you were really worried, four burns of a +RW would clear the data.
  2. Yes. But there is the media calibration data that is stored separately.

Backing up you EEPROM saves everything the drives stores. All of the burn logs and the media calibration data, so yes you can return your drive to a point in time.

just a thought along that line of thinking…if someone is getting really good burns, should they back up the eeprom at that point in case things go bad?

Hmm is it possible to use the eeeprom on another identical drive ?
Or are their differences in every single eeprom ?

There are no ‘identical drives’, so they are different in every single eeprom :slight_smile:

hmm okay so i dont even try it lol.
But it were sure nice if it would be possible.

so the factory calibration is not universal even with drives with close serial numbers? - and is the eeprom tool safe to keep writing over and over … and will flash memory for the firmware fail too if used excessively)?

Yes and the eeprom and flash are good for 10,000 to 100,000 writes. :wink:

dats great … that means I can keep omipatching it for life:)