What is it UFO?

Someone live in New York City or Near in Zip 07650
look at the sky bottom of the Moon
Very bright things ???
What is it ???

Oh noes! :eek:

UFO is an acronym. It stands for Unattended Farts Overnight.

Everybody knows how dangerous is this phenomenon :eek:

Venus and Mars. Venus for sure.

I always thought, UFO was a Rock Band: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UFO_(band) :bigsmile:

I got answer it is Venus ( I never seen before that bright star :doh: )
Sorry for trouble :o
spent one hour standing outside :doh:

I think he’s asking whoever is in NY right now to check the sky and see what are these things near the moon or something…

Edit: good you got your answer :slight_smile:

oops :frowning:

Michael Schenker:clap:

Now that the guy’s got their jokes in. Can you please
show a picture or a link,and then I will comment on what
it is. If it’s just a joke? So be it.

I was with my girlfriend tonight, and we saw it too! and I live in California!

I live in CALIFORNIA to. Was this it?