What is iso?

is iso something that can be burnt to dvd then played on a dvd player? i dont understand the difference than making dvd’s with iso or ts files??
someone teach me

All an .ISO file is --is a complete image of a disk.

can it be played in dvd players?

A burning program will take the iso and burn it to disk so that it can be read by a dvd player.

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will all dvd players play these types if they are capable of playing burnt discs beause mine wont read the disc where it will other types of discs.

Some players will only play +'s, some will only play -'s, and some will play both types, + and -. What brand and model of player do you have?

Philips DVD 642

This is what your player supports

Philips DVD 642:

DVD, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, VCD, SVCD, MPEG-4 and DivX 3.11/4.x/5.x
CD, MP3-CD, CD-R and CD-RW
Picture CD (JPEG) with music (MP3)

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So you play actual ISO files on dvd players? Well, I never knew that.

Just goes to show that you learn something new everyday.

iso+ and iso-? Way off. You answered a blank dvd question. You don’t play the iso. The iso is an image. It tells a burning program what to write, kind of a snapshot of a disc if you will. The player plays the files, which are in UDF (universal data format). To see what the player plays, put a dvd in your optical drive, right click, explore. Your player looks at what’s in the VIDEO_TS directory. This is what the .iso tells the burning program to write. Also, if you have winrar, you can open the .iso to see what it contains. Hope this helps


An ISO file contains a copy of an entire disc, with all the file allocation table, error-correction & miscellaneous, as well as the actual use-able data.

You must use a burning program to extract everything from the ISO file & burn it onto the disc.

Well I’m sure the + and - information didn’t help the confusion any. I did forget to mention that the VIDEO_TS folder isn’t the only thing the .iso tells it to write.

This was what was I responding to. I thought he meant after he burned it to disk. My bad :o

holy confusing thread for a newbie. here’s a basic summary before anyone gets even more confusing

What an ISO is:
an ISO is a disc image. it contains all of the information that is in your VIDEO_TS folders, but it is one file.

An Analogy:
It’s as if you took a photograph of a word document. the words inside are still able to be read, but it’s just one larger piece as opposed to all of the individual characters that make up the document.

Why to use ISO vs. Files:
Some people prefer ISOs because they are easier to store and organize on a computer than multpile files. There’s no right or wrong. just personal (and sometimes software) preferences. They are also mountable on virtual drives.

How to Burn ISO Files:
If you burn an ISO as a data disc, you’ll have just that…an iso file on a disc that won’t do anything. it’s as if you burned a .doc file to your disc. You must choose a burning option that says “Burn ISO” or “Burn Disc Image.” This burns the iso to the disc in a manner in which the contents of that image are extracted and can be read.

The Result:
Whether you burn an ISO or you burn with VIDEO_TS files, your disc will have the exact same stuff on it. It doesn’t change what’s on the disc, how the player reads the disc, or how the disc functions in anyway.