What Is Inside Of This Box



Staples has on sale I/O Magic for $29.99 after $30 easy rebate does any one know what brand is inside of this box (BTC, BenQ or even Lite-On)?.


From the faceplate, looks like a BTC to me.


If it has the 8x DL logo on there, it will NOT be a BTC, but could be a BenQ DQ60 or LiteOn SHW-160P6S, in which the latter I’ve bought before. Of course, it could be a BenQ 1650 in there also. The picture on the box shows an OEM BenQ. But the best way to check is open it up from the bottom and verify.


I agree with KTL this doesn’t look like a BTC drive but BenQ or Lite-On the question as KTL said if is BenQ is it 1650 or 1640 or even the worse 160D one.


Some body just said he has open one these box at Staples today and it was BenQ 1670.


well,which is it??1650,1640,1570,light-on.i guess i’ll have to go see myself tomarrow.
watch out!! here i come!!3 ink cartages.whoo hoo!


That’s the mystery of I/O Magic drives, Who actually made it?

I’ve got 2 of them:

First I/O: Genuine benq 1620 with the original fw of B7C9 out of the box.Still burns today with over 3000+ backups.

Second,EMPA of Middle East FCZO.FW version is A07F, I may have updated it to the A07R before I pulled it?
I purchased from same staple’s store 2 months later turned out the be the EMPA drive and total pc of crap.I pulled that drive out after I ordered a genuine benq 1620 to replace it. It still sits in it’s original box.

I got a gem and a dud!

For a chance at a Benq 1670, I may have to risk it tomorrow?


If a 1670 drive could be rebadged, too bad a LG, NEC, or Pioneer drive couldn’t. :frowning: Perhaps those manufacturers want too much royalty.


If you catch BenQ 1670 in this box that would be a real bargain and you are the winner.


Its either a Liteon or a BenQ. Same as the last deal, push up the bottom flaps on the box, if the bag is clear it is most likely a BenQ, if the bag is pink it is a Liteon. What models? That is a mystery. I have got a 1655 ( if Lightscribe in on the box) if it has 5X ram on the box its a 1670 (sometimes). Just have to open it in the parking lot and if it not what you want, walk back into the store and return it.


If this is the same drive as the one that was $20 AR for the President’s Day Sale, the majority were BTC, although some were also Liteon 160P6S (what I got), older versions were Benq 1620s although that’s extremely unlikely at this point as it was just older stock. Some were also Benq DQ60’s I believe, which is odd since it supports DVD-RAM yet I don’t believe this was listed on the box. I would not be at all suprised if there are other possibilities at this point though. It’s a real headache trying to figure out what’s what. Unless it lists a BTC firmware on the back (some do), there’s no guarantee, and even then most of the BTC drives did not list their firmware on the box. To be sure, you’ll probably just have to open the box. That’s assuming it’s the same drive as was for sale for President’s Day, if it’s a different drive, who knows…


usually the btc have a seperate white sticker on top back corner of box that has manufacture date and firmware rev. haven’t seen too many of these around any more. i/o magic always seems to be the flavor of the week as far as drives go. but lately it seems most new stock is showing up as liteon or benq.


Not a good deal with that rebate! Stick with Newegg and skip that rebate!


Staples’ Easy Rebate system has been excellent in turnaround time. So unless you’ve had bad experiences, don’t knock it.


I can verify that the ones in the Staple in NJ are BenQ 1670s, and before you run out and buy one like I did, ( I took it back) the firmware that it comes with has no 12X write speeds, it does not Quality Scan and on the + side it does have 5X Ram. For me it was a disaster, my favorite write speed is 12X and I do QS all my backups, so I will not be interested in this burner for any price.


Let me correct myself, the rebate for this drive is NOT through the Easy Rebate system, which is very ironic because all the ones from the past were.

The 1670 has always been reported to have a Panasonic chipset, which doesn’t do QS, so why were you surprised to find that out?

Of the two Staples I stopped by, they still had the dreaded BTC drives. :Z


I backed up 2 dvds while testing this drive the first an 8x fuj taiyo using clonedvd it took 8.20 and using staples 16x cmc mag mo1 using nero it took less that 6 minutes - nero said it was at 16x. I am sure this drive needs a firmware update but its not listed at all on the IOmagic site or the benq site. The firmware listed was 1.00 . For thirty after rebate seems okay but it may take a couple of months before theres a firmware update! I did the easyrebate and it is listed as my submission on the staples site awaitng validation to ktl.


KTl then why scotton verifes that $30 rebate come from Staples and within easy rebate systems?. Also scotton could tell what is the manufacturing label on top of the drive and what is the model No. of this drive. Thanks


TCAS: Even for free I wouldn’t use this drive, there has to be a reason they left 12X burning out of the firmware, there also has to be a reason why 16X burns take 8 or more minutes. You cannot scan the discs it burns accurately because you have to use a different drive to scan with. My LG does RAM and is twice as fast as this with great 12X burn on +media (no 12X on dash with the LG 4163) but +R is all I use anyway. This burner might be okay after some firmware updates but by then there will other drives that we will want, I would pass on this one.


I bought one today, it is benq 1670, too bad no new firmware for this burner. Good thing is that it still uses Philip chipset for this burner, hope this burner will flourish later on.