What is in your DVD/CD/BD Stash in 2018?

Here is what i currently have:

~4x100 JVC/Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs MIJ

~2x100 JVC/Taiyo Yuden DVD+Rs 16x YUDEN000 T03 MIJ
~1x50 Sony DVD+Rs 8x YUDEN000 T02 MIJ
~1x40 Sony DVD-Rs 16x TYG03 MIJ
~33 Sony DVD+Rs 16x SONY16D1 MIJ
~3x30 Verbatim DVD+R 16x ‘Gold’ Lightscribe MCC 004 MIT
1x25 Verbatim DVD+R 16x ‘Color’ Lightscribe MCC 004 MIT
1x100 Verbatim DVD+R 16x AZO MCC 004 MiUAE

1x50 Verbatim DVD+R DL 2.4x [non AZO?] MKM 001 MiS
~1x20 Verbatim DVD+DL 2.4x AZO MKM 001 MiS
~1x25 Sony DVD+DL 2.4x MKM 001 MiS

~1x10 Verbatim DVD+RW 8x MKM A03 MiT

~1x3 Verbatim DVD-R DL 2x-4x MKM 01RD30 MiS

1x1 Pioneer DVD-RW 1x PVC000001Q9 MiJ

~1x50 Panasonic BD-R 4x MEIT02 MiJ

I mostly use my blank CDs for audio and some data backup. The blank DVDs are going to be used for mostly photo/video backups and DVD-Videos. The BD-Rs that i have or plan to buy have been used for data backups and photo backups. I have only made one BD-MV in 4 years.


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Well i dont keep score, but I do have some TY x8 both -/+
Close to 100 TY CD-R , also a couple of Verbatim CD’s and DVD’s, and 25 black 16x traxdata CD-R :slight_smile:

I believe that all these will be enough for a few more years.

Lots of 63- and 74-minute CD-Rs! :smile:

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DVD+ always has 2.4×, DVD- has 2.0×.
Any explanation? Because of the ×1.0 inner edge?

My guess is that the DVD+RW-alliance only want to be faster than the dVD-Forum

The old Myce Residents for sure remember the speed race between -R and +R

The big companies made these steps

8x +R, 4x -R
8x +R, 8x -R
12x+R, 8x -R
16x +R, 8x -R
16x +R, 16x -R

After that the + and - speeds were the same, if I remember right

The oddest writer for me were the Benq DW 1600. A 16x +R writer with +R DL, but no support for DVD-R out of the box

This was just a firmware restriction, done purely due to corporate politics!

But everyone of the competitors knows that time only a multiformat-writer will be accepted

15 Maxell DVD+R 16x MIJ
10 JVC DVD-R Premium Grade 16x MIJ
20 Verbatim DVD+R DL 2.4x MIS
2x100 Verbatim DVD+R AZO 16x MIT
8x50 Verbatim DVD+R AZO 16x MIT
2x50 Verbatim CD-R Extra Protection 52x MIJ

It’s been a few years since the last time I tried to estimate the size of my blank optical disc reserves. Back then it was somewhere in excess of 5000 discs and since then I have added maybe another thousand.

The days when I could list my entire stock from memory (and identify the MID & brand by smell alone!) are long gone. I rarely bought discs just to add them to my collection, secure data storage has always been my motivation. Even the rarer early DVDs were bought with the intention of using at least some of them for archiving photos. Only the TY T01 and Verbatim MCC000RG20 have (so far) not been used at all.

They are mostly of excellent quality - one reason I kept buying more was that I didn’t want to waste such good discs on stuff of little importance. I only have a few hundred discs I would class as for everyday/giveaway use and <50 I would class as unsatisfactory quality. Despite certain threats regarding the size of my collection (taking over the house), I still check Ebay occasionally looking for more discs to add to my collection.

From memory, I think I’ve got somewhere in the region of 1000+ Taiyo Yuden CD-R left and a sizable quantity of T03 & TYG03. No TYG02 and only 24x T02, but I have 5x T01 and 18x TAIYOYUDEN (their original DVD-R, 2x speed).

Can’t even guess how many Verbatim/MCC discs - somewhere in the thousands. A few hundred are DL+/AZO CD-R, but the majority are DVD+/-R. These are mostly MCC004, plus ~125 MCC002, ~85 MCC003, 8x MCC001. For the -R I have 170+ MCC03RG20, 8x +MCC02RG20 (Medidisc) and 20x MCC00RG20 (I think that’s the correct MID - they’re the 2x speed -R discs).

Other DVD highlights include ~40x Fujifilm-branded PHILIPS C16 DVD+R, ~130x Maxell Xtreme Protek DVD+R and ~200x FTI/TDK DVD-R.

Other CD-R include ~250x (or~350x?) FTI/TDK (great quality, about half are the Mediline, which consistently scan less well than the ordinary Pro ones). For everyday use CD-R I have ~250-300+? Ritek (Traxdata & Maxell printable discs - consistently excellent quality, many scan like TY, much better than the non-printables & other brands) and ~300x decent CMC non-printable. I won’t even try to list the rest (Prodisc, Sony, Daxon etc.), But a 50 pack of 2004 vintage TDK-branded Moser Baer CD-R deserve a special mention - MB are normally consistently mediocre at best under any brand, but every disc from this pack scans like Taiyo Yudens and look, feel (& smell) like no other MB I’ve ever had.

My BD-R stash is much smaller: ~180x Infomedia, 100x Panasonic 6x & ~23x 4x speed, 34x Verbatim (MABL), ~45x FTI/TDK and ~155x Sony NN3 (made in Japan - fantastic quality, brown boxed spindles aimed at the ‘professional’/business market).

As well as this lot I have a sizable supply of rewritable discs: many CD-RW, mostly UHS & UHS+ Verbatim (also 10x CMC UHS) and a similar quantity of DVD+RW (again mostly verbatim 4x & 8x speed, also some Moser Baer 4x & Ricoh 8x speed). Only ~14x DVD-RAM discs (all Verbatim with Matshita MID, mostly 5x speed), but I have yet to wear one out even after 13 years use. Many years ago my DW-G120A/SHM-165P6S rendered half a dozen completely unusable, but my SH-S202N was able to revive them (entirely the fault of the Lite-On, not the discs). Despite many problems with the early ‘Supermulti’ drives corrupting discs, I have never lost data from a DVD-RAM disc - they always failed ‘safe’.

I also have ~35x BD-RE - 20x Verbatim-branded CMC, 10x with a Verbatim MID and 5x TDK CMC. BD-RE DL discs are extremely useful, but very expensive, so I only have 9x of those (all Verbatim-branded, 3x with Verbatim MID and 6x with TDK MID made by CMC).

As far as I’m concerned optical discs cannot be considered obsolete until something else replaces them and fulfils the same purpose. But as far as I can see there are no new storage mediums or technologies in the pipeline which might provide medium- and long-term removable storage for the enthusiast market. The need is still there and will continue for the foreseeable future, the only uncertainty is regarding the supply. So my reserve stockpile will probably continue to grow.

Stay (CD)Freaky! :imcool::biggrin:

[For the record, my stockpile of drives is probably about 70. Mostly chosen for their scanning abilities, with writing quality and damaged/degraded disc reading also important considerations. All of the major drive/chipset types are represented, important when it comes to data recovery.]


You beat me for sure with your collection :eye:

Especially in CD-R, and also some hig-quality DVDs

Hope you have some old writers in your shelf, some of your stockage maybe results in coasters if you tried it with actual writers

I try to buy non actual media because the quality decreases since years.

I am amazed! Where do you get the money for all this? I am curious. I want to buy more BD discs.


I don’t have much money - I’ve never had a monthly mobile phone contract or TV/Netflix subscription (or social life). Due to long-term illness/diability I had to completely abandon school prematurely at 15 and have never been able to work.

The Infomedia discs were available on Amazon UK (marketplace) a couple of years ago for under £20 per 50pk. They are fantastic quality (based on scanning) and so far there have been no problems with degradation. They only became available in this country ~3 years ago, but they had been very popular with our American members under another brand for years. They are still available on Ebay, but the UK distributor’s web site now says they are made by Ritek. This has not been confirmed and I suspect the information might be incorrect; the change coincided with the availability from them of Infomedia-branded BD-R DL which do have a Ritek MID (Infomedia has no BD-R DL code).

The Sony BD-R came from Ebay. A long-established UK optical media vendor went out of business a few years ago and someone (apparently connected to them) was selling a small amount of old stock on Ebay. Nobody was interested at £29.99 per 50pk - instead they preferred to pay £30-50+/50pk for rebranded Ritek discs from Japan. :eek::imconfused: I bought a 10pk to begin with, which confirmed that they were the good stuff. When the price fell to £19.99 I grabbed them, and the other two packs which appeared singly later. Using the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine I found them on the vendor’s former web site - a year or so earlier they were selling them for somewhere in the region of £250 per 50pk (exc. VAT)!!!

The Panasonics were also an Ebay purchase about 18 months ago. Panasonic BD-R had become almost impossible to find in this country. The only remaining source was on Ebay for ~£16/10pk. All I had in stock at the time was a single 25pk of the 4x discs (of disappointing quality). So when a lot of 10x 10pk came up for auction (from a video small business) I was very interested but rather pessimistic about the price, expecting them to go for £100 or more. But in the end I won them for £42 inc. P&P (the most I’d ever spent on Ebay) - once again other people preferred to pay twice as much per disc for rebranded Riteks imported from Japan. :rolleyes: I dislike buying discs this way as they may not have been stored correctly. But these turned out to be especially good - the first disc appeared to be a record breaker, with a lower BDC error average than anything I could find posted on this forum (nearly broke the 0.5 barrier).

The best value BD-R discs available in the UK these days are probably Verbatim Datalife in 25 or 50pk (at ~40-50p/disc, 30p if you’re lucky), which should be CMC Magnetics MID of good quality. (In Europe it seems that to get discs with Verbatim’s own MID you have buy jewel cases or the white label ‘professional’ DatalifePlus spindles.)

Or there are the Infomedia discs which can be found for ~£25/50pk, or only £10-11/50 (+P&P) from the distributor’s web site. But we don’t know if they are still Infomedia MID. (Hopefully someone will take the plunge and let us know.)

In 2016 a UK optical disc vendor had some Falcon Pro BD-R for only £12-13/25pk. I bought a pack but the quality of that pack was very disappointing and Falcon have discontinued production. (The vendor might have some left in stock, but I would avoid them like the plague - worst I’ve ever delt with.)