What is in a name?

I was just thinking about Nero’s name and what it initially started off as (burning cd’s) and it made me wonder what the folks at Ahead software were thinking when they came up with Nero as the name of the software. Historically, Emperor Nero was known for burning Christians (sometimes to keep his garden lit at night). Nero was also accused of setting fire to Rome in 64 AD (hence maybe the logo for Nero with the burning Colesium). One can only hope that if Nero was named after Emperor Nero, that the reference to the latter event rather than the former. It would be sad to see any product named after someone who is historically known to torture others for amusement and persecution (imagine a product named after Hitler). Anyone have any ideas to the origin of the name to this program?

Just a thought. Not trying to raise anyone’s dander.

Err, the name of their main product is “Nero burning ROM”, not “Nero burning CHRISTIAN”.

:bigsmile: This thread is sooooo stupid.

Uhh…I think some might have missed my point. That’s okay. I think if a product was named for after a historical figure that had more recent infamy (rather than someone who lived 2000 years ago), then perhaps there might be an understanding of my point. Never mind.

i got your point and see what you mean…but i think for the very reason you stated above (that Emperor Nero lived 2000 years ago), it’s not a big deal. i could point out the same quandary about Caeser Salad, yes no? :wink:

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LOL, i guess i was wrong about Caesar salad…my bad:

LMAO! :iagree:

What about this :bigsmile: