What is happening to Nero?

I was wondering what is happening with nero.I have been using it for 4 years.Versions 5 and 6 were great but now things are changing.Nero 7 is plain bloatware.The download size goes on increasing and improvements are minor.It is feature rich.But can any one tell me about any other software that is not a bloatware like nero?

Believe me I have used a program called microburner which is just a single exe file of just 1.16 mb! It has all the basic functions of Nero.Compare 1.16 Mb against 284 Mb (the lightest installation of Nero) Please post your comments and alternate burning software that you like.

Nero is full blown program that includes not just burning but so many other functions (e.g. burning, backup, recoding, video enhancing, labeling and so on…) you can’t expect a program with comprehensive capability to be the same size of simple burning file.

Check out Updatepack.nl and Nero 7 Lite or Micro.