What is good software for PocketPC

Hey all,

Since I have bought a PocketPC (iPAQ 2210), I am now looking for some programs that will help me get the most of this device.

If anyone knows a site where they have listed a whole bunch of available programs I would be happy for now, so I can see what is out there and what the costs are.

Programs I am especially looking for are for syncing with Lotus Notes (ActiveSync that came with it does not support this) and perhaps a few puzzle games…

Freeware is of course best, but I realize that since this is a Microsoft OS, good programs will cost money (darn license fees to Microsoft) and I have no problem with that.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Already found XTNDConnect as good synchronization software, which I should be getting from the office.

A few links I found:



I have found best prices over the net at mobiletopsoft.com
u can take a look of their synchronization software here

Thanks for replying (although 2 years after date :wink: ), but I went for Pumatech’s Intellisync.

Although it fails on me now, it worked like a charm previously. Will have to contact their support for help (synchronisation of calendar stalls at 446 of 558 calendar items, but contacts and tasks are synchronised properly)