What is good scan for DW1620



Got DW1620-retail from tigerdirect

  1. No blank media in box.
    Run test
    mcc003 at start spike PIF - scan 90-95%
    mcc004 at end spike PIF - scan 84-90%
    Q: this my luck to get open box or this return drive and i can’t see problem
    need to decide quick (rebate $20 exp in 7 day)
    i can try to call them and ask for exchange


and memorex CMC MAG(+R) F01 4x@8x


There’s nothing wrong with your 1620.


wow i want my plextor to look that good! lol


To thebarraster: see post#22 in poll and 2 x DW1620 = 716A in $, not in output.
To zevia : I’m doing video and output very high priot. (money and time)
What good -R for DW1620 i have CMC MAG (memorex)


DVD+R with bitsetting to DVD-ROM (which 1620 supports out of the box) gives the highest compatibility. I’ve seen a friend player that only takes -R and it can read +R with dvd-rom setting. However I’ve also read some (mostly ancient players) cannot read +R with -rom. It’s your choice but I would go with +R bitset to DVD-ROM.

Bestbuy is currently selling fuji 8x DVD+R (media id YUDEN000T02) for 8.99 25pack. Make sure you get the Made in Japan. It’s a good media. Verbatim 16x DVD+R is better in my opinion, but no sale currently, a buck a piece.


Zevia bitsetting was for me biggest plus to buy DW1620, and here BB selling Verbatim 8x DVD+R for 17.99 50pack, but to be on safe side i need to have
Any advise on DVD-R can help.