What is good KProbe result?



This is the result of my 51S@832S drive.
If i got high value in PI & PIF, does it mean i will get reading error ??

Thank you



Actually - those look pretty good - what media is it?



yep they look ok, but you should scan at 4X as this is the standard and if you get the odd single high spike you can eather ignore it or delete it by right clicking on graph and select remove single spike.


as acko said you should scan a 4x for more accurate results. it seems a bit strange that all your disc have that large spike but could be attributed to the speed of your scan.the first two are okay but the last scan has too high pif. in my experience as far as readability in dvd players is to have low pif, with no blocks over 4. i have had dics with blocks over 300 pi and no problems with my players reading them


Those are imation DVD+R 4X :slight_smile:



Not bad for some not so good media IMO-