What is good DVD/Blu-ray reader and burner combo that balance read and write quality and speed please?

I have thought of getting a drive that can read and burn both DVD and Blu-ray disk but do not know of which to get. So I would ask of you to help in suggestion of a decent model that is good at all around for quality and speed.

Now since BD-R disk not as expensive as before I could use 25 GB disk for data of large collection of data and maybe to rip Blu-ray for conversion to iPad. I would predict to use DVD as normal for read and backup movie and data burns of DVD-R and RW still.

Is there one drive to meet general needs for both DVD and Blu-ray you recommend?

Thank you

The LG xH10LS3x or xH12LS3x models are very good for both formats. You have to use MCSE to remove the riplock on these drives for they only rip BluRay at 4.8x with riplock.

Thank you for reply

I cannot seem to get agreement on drives even after reading many thread. DVD drive find concensus but Blu-ray still complicated and has now 3D to work with so have trouble finding good choice. I only prefer to use for data backup 99% of time. I buy DVD not Blu-ray for almost every movie so backup is to DVD anyway.

I can buy 2 TB outside drive for less than fast Blu-ray burner drive but like being able to grab data disk and put in other place for safe keeping. So I will keep looking for good data burner for DVD and Blu-ray. I have not riplock removed before but if no good data burner has high speed I may do that and try for success. If drive is not working after I can reflash to before firmware?

Thank you for helping