What is going on with my PX-712A?

Hello: Before firmware 1.05, I was have an extremely strange problem where writing to Verbatim DVD+R 8X (MCC 003) appeared fine (no errors with either Nero or Plextools Pro)…Nero “verify” even worked, but afterwards,
roughly 1 1st half of the DVD was fine, and all files on the 2nd half were somehow trucated…at least that’s what Photoshop would say. These were all JPG files in 6 folders.

After firmware 1.05, the problem seemed to go away…I could write fine with either Nero or Plextools Pro and read the DVD fine. Last night, updated Nero to latest, and just wrote a DVD (like above) using the “DVD-ROM” Booktype and same problem as before 1.05. What gives? I haven’t tried writing “Not DVD-ROM” (would that be automatic?)

The Booktype setting doesn’t affect the files itself so that is not the problem. Have you tried copying the files back to your hard disk? If this works, can you open the files? I don’t really understand what “truncated” means… so can’t really help you on that.

Truncated means incomplete, with the end missing.

E.g., if you were to edit a binary file with a program that understands text only and save it, chances are that the program would discard everything after the first EOF character. The newly saved file would thus be truncated.

The same way a pocket calculator truncates the digits it cannot display after the decimal point.

OK…I think I know what’s going on but not exactly sure why…I took this same DVD+R (Booktype setting DVD-ROM) and put it in my Windows XP SP2 laptop and could read everything fine. The disk is fine but Windows 2000 SP4 with all patches seems to be “caching” mis-information, ie. it’s caching files and the cached files are “truncated”. I assume I can turn off “caching” of my PX-712A “E:” drive?
thanks for the feedback.

Good to hear that the disc is readable, this indicates that your burner is working as it should be. I don’t have any experiences with Win2k so I can’t comment on the drive’s caching feature. Perhaps someone else can shed some lights on this…