What is going on with my drive?

i set this to burn at 8x which you can see but it never gets to 8x and only burns at 6x… why? the media is cmc r01

How much data did you put on that disc?
Does this only happens with CMC R01 media?

That is strange that it only hits 6X near the end of the disc.
It could be that the upshift from 6X to 8X failed due to media quality and the NEC therefore continued to burn at 6X until the end.

this disc is cmc r01. the burn finished somewhere after 10 minutes. doing a bler test now on it

here is a scan of the disc:

Could you sacrifice a CMCMAGR01 disc by creating a DATA DISC in Nero CD-DVD Speed so that we can see the Z-CLV shifts?

here is the cmc r01 disc

that got me worried so i did a ricohjpnr01:

As you can see, the burner is downshifting to 4X instead of upshifting to 8X at the 2.2GB mark with the CMC MAG R01.
This leads me to believe that the quality of your particular CMC MAG R01 is not good enough for 8X writing.
Stick to 6X Max for your particular batch of CMC MAG R01.

Please note that this graph is not consistent with the 6x writing speed at 98% shown in the first plot from nero.

It may be that the discs are either downshifting to 4x or keeping 6x, which as suggested by wesociety probably means bad batch of discs.


Speed downshift isn’t rare. Just your disc + drive can’t tolerate that speed.
Considering 2500A is quite good probably it is your media. In fact my r01 also doesn’t accept 8x shift. (Mine is branded as verbatim datalife.)

Anyway you didn’t buy a disc rated 8x so it’s hard to complain… right? :slight_smile:

Not many software shows the true burning speed after downshift. CopytoDVD does show it. Nero doesn’t in its original setup but there was a post about how to mod the registry to show the true speed.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Ahead\Nero - Burning Rom\Recorder]

copy and paste the above into a text document and save it with a ,reg extention then double click it and you get the true record speed

I burning with CMC R01’s and I just found out I have the same problem. Good thing I searched hehe.

I’m wondering, how would the burner differentiate between a “good” and “bad” batch of R01s? Is it not all the same to the burner?

search for power calibration. the drive checks the media and it can tell that if it writes the disc @ 8x it will immediately burst into flames… ok not really. but it can tell that the media cannot write at that speed.