What Is Going On? Sos!

Look u guys, someone out there MUST know what I’m doing wrong! I cannot get my clone cd to work…It appears to be copying, but afterwards, although I can see the blank cd has been burnt, there is apparently nothing on it? I’ve tried messing about with the settings, but no good, and I’m getting really fed up :frowning:

Where can i find EASY to understand instructions, or can anyone help?

Ok in order to help, we need to know what os you are using, what type of burner, details are helpful.

Are there any funky error messages??

There are 2 things to check.

  1. Make sure simulate write is UN-checked.

  2. Make sure your write speed is not higher than what your blank CD-R is rated at. I burned at 40x and each cd turned into a coaster due to the CD-R medium I was using was rated at 16x max. Once I changed to 16x max write speed, it worked fine.

Try that out.

I’m using windows M.E. The drive I’m using is a Creative CD-RW8438E. Just in case you need any other spec info, I’m running a 1gig Athlon with 328MB Ram. Any help would be appreciated. I’m not a novice to computers but this is the first time I’ve used (or heard of) Clone CD. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Oh yea,

There are no error messages. Like i said before, everything seems to be working fine. After the burning process is over I can’t find anything on the cd.

Are you sure the Simulate writing option is unchecked as Maltese already said…

What are you burning? Data? Audio?