What is going on my 1620pro



1/21 I bought it. I never flash any FW
Now I burn two disc & it scan very poor…why?
It is never seen before!!!


I’d check to make sure your still running in Ultra DMA Mode 2 and not falling back to PIO mode of some variety. That would be my guess at least to start on things to check for that might have changed.


check ide drivers use default windows drivers…dun use nvidia or sis drivers if your board is based on that…
are you using a flat ide cable??..
and is the drive set as master?


Thanks a lot
I change my ide cable & set the drive as master
It looks better now…


Congratulation!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Does it matter? I have one 1620 as master with round cables in one machine. In the other machine I have the 1620 as slave with flat cables. The both seem to work the same.


ugh…please explain the advantages and disadvantages of using flat and round cables. I have been using round for cooling advantages.


I am using only round ones and no problem. As long as you get good quality ones !


It seem not happy now.
I change a flat cables & set to master…
I don not know how to do now… :confused:
I hope someone can help me.


where did you get your media from??..


I get it in Taiwan…My English is so bad so i can not describle very clearly.
Just like the picture
Another picture is burned before my 1620 is still helath. Now I scan again the result is so bad than before :a


i think its better for you to reinstall a OS on another HDD to test…to ensure current OS installation no issues…using Nero??


Thanks your suggestion…
I reinstall XP now & scan the disc which I post
It seem to be good now
I think i shoud be buy nec record nex time
&thank you again :slight_smile:


Everything is changed now.I scan the same disk again. The result is very terrible…I belive my 1620 is failure :a
I am going to sleep now.Forget everything…


I would definitely try a few quality DVDs just to make sure that the drive is heading south. Erratic behavior is often an early warning sign of impending failure. As you can see, the OS is not at fault.


The OS is not the problem here, it seems like it has more to do with Nero than anything else. Try RecordNow, its prassi burning engine is the best out there. Not trying to bash Nero here, but how stable could Nero be if you need to patch it every 2 to 3 weeks; that is more frequent than Microsoft releases its security patches.


it change Now I do not know how to explain the situation
the read speed is up and down
it seems the Dusc Quality Test donot like my drive
i donot have a liteon drive so i can not use KProbe to test & sure the disc quality is so good as the picture
PS.i use nero551056 & RecordNow! to burn these discs.