What is Generic write control?


my drive is back from service. I have another problem/question now.

I notified in Nero (latest version) my drive has new option : Generic write control (right to Smart Burn in Nero Choose recorder menu). My old drive didn’t have this. Ok. I burned 3 CD’s without problems. But, when I want to read this CD’s, they are not recognised!! Tried in another drive/operating system, sam story. I have disabled Generic write control option (Smart burn enabled) and burn the same project on the same CD brand. Now I was able to read CD. But, I get warrning from Nero that Just speed??? is disabled and that this can cause errors.


1.) What is Generic write control?
2.) Why I have this option with my swapped drive and not with old one?
3.) Just speed is trade mark of A-open. Why I get this warrning if I disable Generic write control on my Lite-on drive?
4.) Why Generic write control causes coasters?