What is firmware

sorry to seem stupid, but I have been browsing through forums and I keep seeing the word firm ware, what is it.

Firmware is the internal software in a unit. Firmware contains instructions for how a burner should write discs and almost everything else is controlled by the firmware.

Thanks Airhead,

I have just installed a Liteon 52x32x52x CD writer, is it any good, and should I use a better software than the Nero % it came with.

You could update your firmware if yours isnt the latest at LiteON download page and updating Nero to the most current version is also recommended.

You can update it if you want but if it works, i’d leave the firmware alone. What is the firmware of the drive?

Isn’t Firmware the Mac word for Hardware ?

Originally posted by Farkad
Isn’t Firmware the Mac word for Hardware ?
I’m no macer but I say no, firmware is firmware everywhere :wink:

Strange… Whenever I see someone talking about Mac hardware they use the word firmware. Especially on TechTV.

Now that this topic is covered, lets move onto mine. I really need the help. :stuck_out_tongue: