What is firmware?

i have a sony dvd/rw q120a(not working)drivef lg dvd/rw external drive e(working)i noticed when installing the lg it updated the firmware the sony will play audio but not dvd is this because of the firmware??what is firmware? :confused:

When your unit first turns on, it loads in the firmware (instructions) on how to do everything.

With burners, how-to write particular types of discs is also stored in the firmware.

With DVD reader/writers it is more complex. Thanks to the MPAA’s greed the world has been divided into sections called Regions. If a disc is from a different region it might not play back at all.

You can get region free firmwares & can circumnavigate these annoyances with firmware or tools.

However, please post some more info, as the sony should play DVD’s fine.

:)many thanks debro but the sony dvd/rw unit never came with any instructions just nero oem suite and didnt update any thing is there any site i can download the firmware and drivers for the sony q120a i dont want to ibnstall nero oem again as it doesnt play properly there is missing aspi files :frowning: i had to get a friend to download a version for me that did play and now managing to burn discs on the external burner and nothing on the sony its so frustrating :frowning: :confused:

If this is new Sony just put commercial DVD in it, it will ask you to set a region, do it and it should play.
For firmware you have to go to Sony site and find your drive. Have to admit, there site is not easy to navigate through.

The only reason you would need to download newer firmware, is if you were trying to burn dvd’s which your burner is having problems with. IE: You have a 16x Memorex DVD, and your burner only shows it can burn it at 8x. Firmwares are updated as newer or better media comes out. If you use good quality, name brand media, you should not have to worry about your firmware. Now if you wanted your drive to be region free, or if your current firmware didn’t support bitsetting, and you could download a new one which did, that would be a good reason to upgrade. But if you are just doing general burning stuff, don’t bother. Remember there is always a slim chance, that a firmware upgrade can hose your drive. It is rare, but it does happen.
If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.


excellent explanation. But is misses 1 minor point:

Also PAL / NTSC can cause issues. :wink:

thanx for the help :confused: i put commerial dvd in but its not reading whatsoever il try and navigate through the sony site for driver yet device manager says the device is working properly and the driver is ok so i dont think that is the problem is there anything else i could try or is this drive damaged??all your help is greatfully appreciated i feel :o asking but i have to start somewhere once again many thanx mitch from scotland

What software do you have installed for playing your dvd? Do you have Windvd, VLC, Powerdvd? You dvd player will not play a dvd unless you have appropriate software installed. I should recognize the dvd though.

the software that came with the device was oem suite so i take it the drivers was on that,but i had to uninstall it coz it was causing problems with windows originalaspi32.dll file missing!!on the oem suite there is nero6,nero vision express se,nero media player,incd reader,photo show express,content and templates and nero linux so i dont have windvd or power dvd(yet on the lg software also uninstalled) i have power dvd,power producer,nero express,incd,acrobat reader and the driver manual if i installed both the software would it conflict with each other??( ihad already done this that is why i uninstalled it i thought that is why i was missing the aspi32.dll) :confused:hopefully you can help me out and its not to technical also im hopeing im makeing sense as im totaly :confused:please dont give up on me thanks :bow:

ive formated and re-installed the software its really weird but both drives are working now :doh: so im putting it down to myself(human error)thenks for the help and the wee bit info :smiley: youve no idea how much stress this was putting me under cheers mitch ps do i need to download nero linux

Nero is good for you to install. Just do not install the INCD portion of it. PowerDvd is one of the better dvd viewing softwares. PowerProducer will allow you to do some video editing, though after you try it and see that the quality isn’t what you were expecting, you may want to look at more advanced tools. But PowerProducer is good to start and learn on.

harley,should i go into the control panel and delete incd from the system?it automatically downloads when i installed the software :confused: also what about nero linux???

A set of instruction to tell the hardware of your burner how to behave and performed.

:slight_smile: thanx tcas im getting there now slowly but surely!!! :slight_smile: next thing is ive burnt a dvd using iso dvd on nero (downloaded file avi utorrent)its says on my home dvd players that the disc cannot play wrong format is this normal?? :confused: and if so what type of files must i download to play on them considering they are all comptiable with cd/rw,dvd/rw etc etc… :confused:& :o asking but have to start somewhere once again all answers are taken well on board and your knowledge is greatfully appreciated regards mitch

that question is similar to mine…I know what firmware is but not sure of indicators for needing to upgrade, (assuming most problems w/ burning are due rather to new protections) also a little nervous about doing so- have heard it’s dangerous. Can anyone clarify? also please excuse and inform if i’m posting incorrectly, i’m a newbie…:rolleyes:

Firmware updates may include making a drive more compatible with blank media types. Media type is always changing. The update could allow bitsetting (booktyping ) for the drive. One has to research what the firmware update will do. If you are not having any issues then don’t update your firmware, but note that down the road you might have to update your firmware.

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thanks, platinumsword. Unfortunately, I now have a bigger and much more immediate
problemo. After downloading some DVD software progs, and uninstalling some others, I have no access to my DVD player or my player/burner! Hardware manager tells me “Windows cannot initialize the device drivers”[code 37] I’ve tried the upgrade, rollback, uninstall/reinstall, but nothing works. And to make things worse, my troubleshooter screen doesn’t appear when I click the button. Aaaargh…


I’d recommed to start here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/324129 and follow the references given there. Maybe this helps also: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/308012/