What is encoding, transcoding

i use dvd shrink, i understand it is a transcoding software, what is the differecne with an encoding software???.
I use a front projector to watch movie. until now I am using DVD shrink.most movies are compressed at 80%.I am thinking to get the movie “aviator”, and I would like to have a better software for my movies. 6-8 gig on one disc.

time is not an issue, i like to know that my computer is working for me (I am for the time where to have a slave was legal :iagree: )
money is no0t really an issue, but I would prefer to pay the minimum.
have read there is a EEC (?) software with multipass encoding, and u have to pay 2000$ if u want 3-5 pass?

I am completely lost, where can I find these softwares? can I try them for free?

Transcoding doesn’t encode it takes out small bits of detail to make the dvd video smaller. Faster then encoding. Rebuilder is a good program to re-encode a dvd. You use it with an encoder like CCE. The encoder is what allows you to do multi passes. IMO anything over 2-3 passes is a waste of time. Myself I never use more than 2 passes. Rebuilder is free. CCE is not. Do a search on this forum for guides/software or check here www.doom9.org or www.videohelp.com. Hope this helps

CCE Trial is free, but it will add a watermark- try it out to see if there is a perceptible quality difference. The full version of CCE Basic is only $58. Quenc is a free encoder that is rapidly approaching CCE in quality- you can use it with DVD-Rebuilder also.

Joke or not, that’s not even funny.


thanks for ur reply, before u replied I have downloaded Qenc and DVD rebuild, and I have managed to make turn thisduring the night for lord of the ring2.
took me 6 hours with DVD rebuild(Qenc), against 1 hour with DVD shrink and I dont see any difference.

the only difference I can see, was the blue sky on some frames is more widely pixelated with DVD shrink , when i have a more compact block of pixelisation with qenc.

hard to say for me, I dont have any pic to show u.

I would like to know how i have to parameter the Qinc?
so far, I have used the quantization and scenes selection, and 50 % from extra to main menu (BTW, there is no extra on same disc) and of course 2 passes.

so what is the best way to parameter DVD rebuild with Qenc?.time is not a factor.up to 8 hours is OK as my Computer works free for me…

thanks 4 ur help.