What is easily the best and fastest dvd encoder

what is easily the best and fastest dvd encoder

heard of flaskmpeg, tmpgenc,

also heard that divx3.11 the original is better than the divx 5 and later

In my opinion Cinemacraft Encoder 2.50 is the fastest and best DVD encoder, with a price to boot too!

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Then again, I think Asid and I both agree on that anyway.

DivX isnt a DVD encoder, it wont be able to make DVD files.

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I prefer mainconcept. Much better gui than CCE.

Nothing is “easily the best and fastest” encoder but up until recently CCE was accepted by a lot of people to offer the best quality at a pretty reasonable speed, I think TMPGEnc might be faster but it depends on what settings you use. HC is a pretty recent codec which is giving CCE a run for it’s money as far as quality is concerned but it’s not as quick, QuEnc is faster if trellis quantization isn’t enabled - both encoders are free. The Doom9 forums would be the best place to look into this further but don’t ask them the same question you asked here.

I have Tmpgenc Plus, cce sp version 2.5 and mainconcept. Mainconcept is by far the fastest. As to quality it’s in the eye of the beholder. IMO mainconcept’s quality is as good as any.