What is DVD-Ram and DVD-Rom

I was going to buy a dvd burner today however i noticed it had DVD-Ram unchecked and DVD-Rom checked so it doesnt support dvd ram, but exactly what is that and is it very important? Can i still burn video files to dvd-r for my standalone dvd player if it doesnt support dvd-ram?

thnx guys

DVD-Ram is a recordable DVD standard…basically a (slow) hard drive replacement…
and best avoided.

Read here http://www.dvddemystified.com/dvdfaq.html#4.3 or in many other places. And to answer second question: absolutely.

While a lot of people don’t think DVD-RAM is of value, that may change. By the end of the year there will be 3-4 major manufacturers who will me making Super-Multi drives and HP has said they will be using these drives in all their computers. It could catch on with 16X speed coming this summer and more users will mean lower prices for media.

I think it has great potential if it catches on. It works great for my backups (I sync my HD and -RAM disc once a week). I just picked up a 5 pack of 3x Panasonic -RAM for $10 at Wal-Mart which is half of the normal price. I’m thinking the next LG drive (4167) will have 16x -RAM which will make its slow speed much less of an issue, while maintaining top notch quality and error correction.

I have been using dvd-ram for a couple of years, and us it on a daily basis for backups using 5x speed discs.

Even without dvd-ram capability, the LG 4163 is a good drive - very fast (will overspeed most +R media with official firmware) and good quality burns even at 16x.