What is "Duplicator Grade" media?



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I just started learning how to make DVD movie backups and labels with my DVD drive about 10 days ago and have religiously visited CDFreaks forum everyday. Thanks to you all I finally came from being completely clueless to having a few consecutively successful burn yesterday. I had finished my fisrt package of blank discs (most of them ended up as costers, but oh well) so I was looking online to get some more. These “ALERA 100PK DVD-R LIGHTSCRIBE V1.2 DUPLICATOR GRADE RAINBOW COLOR PACK” seem to be the only colored Lightscribe DVD media out there. (I have a HP Lightscribe DVD burner and don’t really plan to get another printer just to make cool labels.) What I don’t understand is the “duplicator” part. Can they be used in regular DVD burner like mine? Do I need special burning software? Are they better disc? I can’t seem to find answers anywhere.

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Yes they can be used in any normal burner. ‘Duplicator grade’ is just BS advertising, it’s doesn’t mean anything.


I think it probably means that this is lower grade media. I would avoid it.


Thanks for your input. Has anyone ever used one of these “Duplicator Grade” media? And how’s the result? It doesn’t seemed to make sense if they are lower grade media. Even if you buy them in bulk (100pk) they are still more expensive than other brand say like Verbatim. 65+ cents per disc…




Are they more expensive than quality [I]LightScribe[/I] media? LightScribe media is more expensive than plain unprintable media.


Actually they are priced around the same as Verbatim ones. Every store is a little different but these are the best prices I found so far:
(not counting shipping and not including sale prices)

Alera DVD-R 16x LightScribe V1.2 Duplicator Grade 100-Pack … $0.70/disc


120 Pack Verbatim LightScribe 16X DVD+R Media Blank LightScribe Version 1.2 DVD Plus R Discs on Spindle … $0.72

Verbatim DVD-R 4.7GB 16X LightScribe 30pk Spindle … $0.73

30 Pack HP 16X DVD-R LightScribe 4.7GB Blank Media in Cake Box … $0.45

100 Pack Philips 16X LightScribe (Version 1.2) DVD-R 4.7GB in Cake Box … $0.47