What is difference between SATA-150 and SATA-300, 2.5" HDD

what is difference between SATA-150 and SATA-300, 2.5" HDD (hard disk drive) , 5400 rpm, for laptop.
welcome answers, definitions, and/or discussions incl reference to heat, battery use, and speed issues. thx


in real world, there is no difference.
Using a Sata-150 HDD is useful if the Sata controller does not properly support Sata-300. This is a known issue of some Via chipsets (That’s why some desktop HDDs can be configured via jumper or software).
If the Sata controller of your computer supports Sata-300, you can use any drive, if does not matter if these are configured as Sata-150 or Sata-300.
This also applies to power consumption, heat and speed; provided it is basically the same drive hardware.


tyvm for answer and info mciahel.
ths helps w/ decision of 2.5" HDD SATA-150 vs -300, both were offered for laptop.

curious and checking my backup HDDs, have 2 (maxtor onetouch 3 mini/portable, and maxtor onetouch 3 firewire800/firewire400/usb2.0), though i dont believe the laptop’s sata controler has effect w/ the backup HDD’s. i am considering changing to different type backup storage that i learned of in the forums earlier, which can put in portable versions software(eg, skype, and mozila firefox browser) for laptop.

the SATA-150 vs -300 mystery answered, thx again.