What is difference between HP P6210Y and HP P6210F please?



I have seen two computers:

HP P6210F - Office Depot
HP P6210Y - Best Buy

I cannot seem to find any differences between two of them. Could someone please help explain to me what is different?

Thank you


I searched HP’s site and can find no difference between them either it must be
something with the stores stock numbering system with the F and Y on the end. :confused:


Have you gone to the manufacture site and looked up those models that would be your first thing to do. There they usually give you enough info to go on and see what is really different or not on the models. If you can’t find or see a difference but still not sure just email their tech or customer service to find out more?


the ‘f’ model seems more current since they are still selling it (HP), while the ‘Y’ appears to be from August.


Thank you for replies :slight_smile: