What is difference between amplify and emulate?

hi you all:bigsmile:
i ve a plex 48x, what is better to back up safedisk 2.xx games (readble from any cd rom)?
amplify or emulate?

I vote amplify … Next !!

Amplify would be the proper method for the Plextor writers although emulate can also be helpful when the amplify option does not work. Emulate is used for writers that can’t copy SafeDisc 2 even with AWS enabled. In conclusion: use emulate when you don’t know if your writer is a zero-sheep, one-sheep or two-sheep writer. But keep in mind that when using the emulate option you can only play the back-up when you have CloneCD installed and Hide CDR Media enabled:

What happens is, that emulation information is stored on the CD, and Hide CDR can recover the original contents and behaviour “on the fly”. This is already done for LaserLock2, SD2, SecuROM, SecuROM (medium)new and ProtectCD. Others to follow.


If you don’t know the sheep score of your writer, then find it out: