What is device 3 & how to find out?

There were 2 HDDs and one CD-ROM on my Dad’s PC.

Once, I had removed the CD-ROM for some work.

Today I re-installed it back into the cabinet.

Everything worked fine.

Then, the computer just restarted & while booting there came an error message in DOS mode. (Not Blue Screen of Death).

“Invalid VxD dynamic link call to device number 3, service B. Your Windows Configuration in invalid. Run Windows Setup program again to correct this problem.”

Press any key to continue …

While taking doing this error message on paper, Automaically the Shutdown screen “Its now safe to turn off your computer computer.” came.

What is going on?:confused:

Sometimes it boots properly.

PC Specs:

AMD K62 450 MHz
Azza VIA Mainboard
Seagate 10.2 GB HDD
Seagate 4.3 GB HDD
Creative 48x Infra CD-ROM

Forgot to tell, The OS is Windows 98 Second Edition.

I think that the most likely canidate would be your Secondary master. The problem on th e other hand, I am not sure about under Win98.

Try going intosafe mode and deleting the cdrom drive reference so that is has to re- Enum the Idfor that device in the registry.

BTW did it crash the last shutdown?
If so it may be trying to find the Fat table or TOC of what ever was on the device Id…
if it did and if it was your cdrom is the same disk in the drive?

Well, I removed the CD-ROM drive & voila, all problems gone.

Is there a problem with the CD-ROM?

vxd are 16bit drivers.

could be related to them ?

Sorry for the earlier post, but even after removing the CD-ROM the message came 1-2 times.

Now whats this Device 3 & service B.