What is Dee-Ehn?

Shamelessly stolen from his tagline :

Some people say I’m a freak, other say I am a goth (still wonder how they figured that one out), still others believe I’m too normal… and actually I’m nothing but myself. I believe in freedom, honesty, respect and love. And I am not a hippy. I am me. Got that?

Well… let us be the judge of that eh !? :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

So … without further ado… Here’s the poll about it !

Just himself. :wink:

Someone who gets way too much attention! :cool:

What is a ‘Dee-ehn’?:confused:


We’re all freaks!!!

Originally posted by wesociety
We’re all freaks!!!

Speak for yourself, you tree hugginghippy! :stuck_out_tongue:

I demand seperate representation!



Dansmug is the only hippy i know :stuck_out_tongue:


actually i don’t care what he is…besides that he is a nice dude as far as i know him

Dee-Ehn is Dee-Ehn.


Purple Dildo, no question.

Oh, wait, thats not on there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Himself I say. That’s weird enough… :bigsmile:

Dee-ehn is a disguised goth vampire! :eek:

Freak + Hippie + Goth = Frippieth:)