What is D-sub?

I have a Nec Multisync FP1370 monitor and it has this BNC/D-sub button… when i press it it changes video modes(i guess). what is d-sub. Can i hook up another video input or something to it, like a ps2? thanks for the help :wink:

D-sub is the connector type, comprised of 15 pins in a D configuration. The BNC or Bayonet Nut Connector normally has 5 connections, RGB and 2 sync connections. You can hook up video sources to both connection types and switch them using the BNC/D-sub button. You will need a VGA D-sub to BNC cable for the BNC connectors. See link for picture:

wow that was quick thanks :slight_smile:

but i’m still a little confused… so which one is better bnc or d-sub. and how could i hook up my ps2 to it cause right now i’m hooking it up with my tv tunner and that kind of sucks. and what would i need just the connector you linked to.
thanks for the help.

I have no idea what the video out is on the ps_2 but if it has a normal VGA output then use the cable in the link to connect to your PS-2 and the BNC end to your monitor.

i’m talk’n about the playstation 2 and the out is red,yellow and white cable thingy (like most vcr and dvd players). is there something were i can plug the 3 cables into something and then connect it to the bnc or d-sub.

You need a transcoder which is around $100. You would have to convert the Video out of the playstation to VGA and it will look pretty bad. The red and white are the audio connectors and the yellow is the video.

ok nevermind then. thanks for the help :slight_smile:

If you switched to BNC with a standard VGA (D-sub connector) cable in use, I’d expect it to blank.

BNC inputs on monitors tend to be 3 (RGB, sync on green), 4 (RGB + sync) or 5 (RGB + seperate H & V sync).

Some reckon you get a small improvemant in clarity at high resolution, if you use a VGA (D-sub) to BNC cable, as the quality and standard of the cable is normally better - “proper” RF coaxial cable, instead af the skinny “screened leads” in a normal cable.

At 32Kg (that’s over 5 stone), it’s a hell of a beast!

My Viewsonic 21PS has both VGA-D-sub and BNC (Sync on green) and I could switch between two different input sources. I quit using it because it is a beast, but a great picture. Noticeable picture improvement with BNC @ 1600 x1200.