What is CloneDVD2 acceptable compression amount?



For anyone that uses Clone DVD2 and has a critical eye, what is the lowest % when artifacts become visible? IOWs’, just where does the degradation become evident?


It is too variable to allow specific rules. First, it depends on the source. I find some older BBC TV shows will allow almost no compression. Second, it depends on the TV screen. Up to 34" Progressive, I find almost no problems with high quality source and any compression above 60%. Below that, the picture is acceptable, but clearly not as good. Users of larger screens will see a more significant difference.


Really depends on what your viewing it on, and the player you use.
I think 80% is a good rule of thumb, but many won’t go that far.


Anything more than 80% and I swap to DVD-RB.


Hi Videobruce, met you on Videohelp (kinda) :wink: . For anyone interested in a sister thread on the subject: http://forum.videohelp.com/viewtopic.php?p=1641470#1641470


Ok, what’s that?


I think he’s referring to DVD Rebuilder.


Yes sorry, I was referring to DVD Re-Builder.