What is "Clonecd"?

Excuse me for being a bit thick but could someone tell me what clonecd is/does and more importantly where can I get it.
Im wasting disc after disc trying to copy karaoke discs and those wonderful enhanced cd,s HELP!!!

You don’t know what CloneCd is?
where have you beeeen lately…down under?

for a huge info try to click the search button in this forum!
be suprised …

Wait a minute, RNG.

CloneCD is the most powerful cd recording tool. It is able to write in raw mode which allows you to create perfect copies of most protected cd’s. The problem however is that this raw writing mode has to be supported by your burner, which a lot of of burners don’t do…

For more info visit:

http://www.elaboratebytes.com (Unofficial CloneCD site)

http://www.elaborate-bytes.com (Official CloneCD site)

http://www.cdrsoft.net/index2.html for downloads and serials of CloneCD and last but certainly not least

http://www.gamefreakcdcopy.com Dutch info on burning and clonecd, etc.

But I don’t think you are Dutch

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