What is "Chapter Jump"

can anyone explain what the new “Chapter Jump” protection is? Is it Ripguard? How does it work and why does it work. I need a tutorial on this for fun. thanks

No. It is a protection coming from Germany.

how is it different from accros?

You are curious, are you working for an AnyDVD competitor? :wink:
Arccos (and RipGuard?) use Cell commands in the PGC to jump over the bad blocks. Good method. Unfortunately Arccos destroys the DVD structure during the process, probably unintentionally because Sony is too stupid to get it right. But it would be possible to make Arccos protected titles which behave like correctly mastered DVDs. At least in theory.

The “Chapter Jump protection” uses Pre commands in the PGC to jump over a chapter with bad blocks (that’s why I called it “Chapter Jump”). It seems a new variant of the older “PuppetLock” which used Cell commands like Arccos.
The problem with “Chapter Jump” is, if you jump to chapter 1 with the remote of you player, your player will crash, because the pre commands are only executed, when the title is started. If you select the bad chapter manually, the player will run into the “forbidden zone” of destroyed sectors and will hang.
I doubt this protection will survive very long in the market. :slight_smile:
If you play a copy made with AnyDVD & elby CloneDVD, the player will not crash, because the defective cell is replaced.

competitor? HA…just a user of anydvd who likes to know what is going on…even if I was a competitor you have the market to yourselfs…thanks for boosting my ego though

Nice post James - I am no where near clever enough to write something as fantastic as AnyDVD, but as mentioned above it is nice to have it explained what the program is doing. I recently read a turorial to remove ARccOS using DVDDecrypter, PgcEdit and VobBlanker and it was very interesting - but, I really don’t have the time or truth be told inclination. Much easier to have Slysoft do all the hard work for me!!

So that’s what it is! :doh: On some recent movie originals, when comparing it to my backup’s split point (to be sure I haven’t lost any bits of the movie at the split), my player freezes when I try to remote-control-jump to the chapter the split is on. Also, often the original will also freeze when using the Scene/Chapter selection from the original DVD’s on screen menu.

I thought my JVC player/changer was so used to -R disks that it was having trouble reading original DVD-ROMS!!! Can I put AnyDVD on my Player? :disagree:

Thanks for the fix and the info. Chapter Jump, huh? Find out who engineered it and I’ll have them killed! :a

Best regards,

BTW: I know you work for Slysoft but do you ever communicate with Elby? I would like to see Elby’s CloneDVD learn to recognize and split exactly at the layer-break point, either automatically or at least have an indicator on the scissors feature that would allow us to do it manually. That would make for flawless automatic breakpoints on DL backups. Would also help in 2-disk split situations (with a really data-packed original) where one has to juggle special features around to make them fit on a 2-disk split because splitting at a chapter’s end may put too much info on either disk 1 or 2. Also love to see a “Please Insert Disk Two” screen added to the end of backup disk 1 instead of just having the movie go to a dead black screen. I am very hot for the next release of CloneDVD… they must be working on something good since we have had no changes since July… or the are all on vacation in Antigua.
Thanks again

You know after reading the explanation the sony people are fools…sure with chapter jump there is the issue James mentioned, but this is easily fixed by putting a chapter point right after the movie start (which is chapter 1). So chapter 2 would be about 0.5 sec after the start of the movie. Then have a chapter userop not allowing the person to chapter jump back once you are at chapter 2. You of course would allow user to chapter baclk once you hit chapter 3. Seems to me to big a neat idea but never fully thought through from an end-users perspective

James, thanks for the info. It’s always nice to know the technical info behind the brilliance that is AnyDVD. As a developer (NO, not of a competing product…I wouldn’t presume to try to create something as awesome as AnyDVD) I’m always interested in the technical details. And yes, Sony is a bunch of idiots…they’ve proven that several times over at this point.

@ SlySoft,

Mr. James, you folks at SlySoft are brilliant !

Your posting was informative but I hope you did not provide too much information to enable the inept Sony staff to correct their errors and ultimately make you job more difficult.

It amazes me that Sony, Macrovision, and others have a large technical staff and spend millions of dollars devising copy protection schemes and within an hour SlySoft with a very limited staff spits out an updated AnyDVD versions that defeats the new copy protection scheme.

Please keep up the good work !

Best Regards,

i read a tutorial that dealt with that, and it gave me a headache. Nice to know it can be done for all the ambitious do-it-yourselfers, but it’s not a permanent fix as copy protectioncontinues to progress. it’s easier and more cost-effective time-wise to just pay for anydvd and let slysoft have all the headachee :slight_smile: haha

would you not see video pauses on these pre commands? If you need to skip chapter 3 says because of a bad block, you would need to have a chapter VM command, which is non-seamless, so you would get a pause in the video.

So far these variations of protection have been the beginning of bad blocks, using cell and pre commands to jump over them. These are so easy to fix. However, you can make this a little bit more difficult, but since the Sony & Macrovision folks could be reading this, I don’t want to give them any ideas. :slight_smile: Either way, it’s going to be cracked sooner or later by these fine folks here. :wink:

What’s the point of assigning a chapter 2 0.5 sec after chapter 1? Besides, you can’t see the video in .5 sec, and you can only assign chapter at the beginning of the cell.

No such thing as chapter PUO (Prohibited User Operations). If you don’t allow the user to jump back from chap 2 to 1, the user should not be able to jump back to any chapter. PUO can only be set at PGC level.

btw, there should be no video pauses on pre commands. Pre commands are executed before any video is played. You might experience pauses when it is jumping between VTS and VMG domains – only on dvd player as the laser reads back and forth in various sections of a DVD.

there most certainly are chapter user-ops. they are written in vob. DVDRemake lets you do this. Just tried this with DVDLab and DVDRemake, works perfectly; if you set the chapter user-op at say chapter 3 it will only be good for chapter 3-4. At chapter 4 all is reset. You can have user-ops in vob and pgc. You can see all this in the DVD Spec. Also in DVD Decryptor. Goto IFO mode and you can see Remove VOB PUOs.

yes you are right about pre commands having no pause. I meant to say chapter vm command. You are allowed 1 chapter vm command per chapter…to skip the next chapter for example. At the chapter 3 chapter point you would have a chapter CM command Link CN 4, so you skip chapter 3 and goto chapter 4.

Just done all this with DVDLab and DVDRemake Pro…fun to try; works perfectly and as described.

Oh yes, chapters can occur on I-Frames, so if your GOP is 15 you can set chapters very 0.5 sec without worrying about cells…this is NTSC of course

ok, my apology. I must’ve misunderstood. I thought you were talking about the ifo. At first, I didn’t know what you mean by “chapter user-ops”. Since you mention about the vob, it strucks me. Yes, you can do this in DvdReMake Pro. I did a quick test, and set to disable Prev program search for PUO for chapter 3. Sure enough, you can’t go back to chapter 2.

You’re right. In DvdLab you can do this. In DRMPro, you can do this for every VOBU. But I’m referring to the practical use of this. Might as well remove chapter 1 since it’s bad block, and have chapter 2 becomes chapter 1.

yah you could do that too. nice pt.

no apology needed, we all need to learn how this nonsense from sony works…or how it could work, or just let slysoft mess with it. curous how long this protection will last. seems to be messing madagascar up

You know, there is a limit to how much they can “protect” the movie. The “do-it-yourself” guide, if referring to the one that I wrote, if you noticed, used DVD Decrypter (from May 2002), out over 2 years before the ARccOS protected movie.

In a way, it shows that all these dollars are wasted by the big corporations since an old ripper can handle it. Also, did you notice how easy it is to rip the Disc in that guide? Now, I just mean ripping, not fixing and editing stuff.

AnyDVD is a great program and I use it mself at times. However, there are some people that cannot afford it, so it is good to have a free alternative, even if it is a bit hard to look at.

I love how busy James is on breaking these newer protections. It is great to see AnyDVD have a protection broken weeks before an official release.

I suppose the only “protection” it will not be able to crack is the “GlobeTron Extirpation” protection scheme (“GlobeX” for short). It is where they use a highly concentrated and accurate ray at 361,093 random passes following Thermal-noise-based RNGs to “Protect” parts of the disc. However, it seems that this protection also effectively renders most of the Data on the Disc useless and causes failures on 100% of all DVDs.

Just in case you didn’t notice, all that was just a bunch of crap I made up, but basically the only way they can protect a movie from being copied is to make it physically unreadable. They should spend their $$$ wiser stop making crappy movies…

Luckily, we have Slysoft working for us to protect our rights!!!

where is this guide?

It is in Afterdawn:

You should try it out for fun, if you are bored one day.

I wonder if Ripguard can be broken using the same method and the same version of DVD Decrypter??