What is changelog?



In neros new update that Ahead has released a new version of Nero Burning ROM and Nero Express. Both are now listed on the Nero site with as their version number. Also this time the new versions are released without the sign of a changelog. Intresting is that Ahead usually releases updates on Friday while the current update is done on a Monday (the 20th of September). A changelog of the software will be posted on our website when available.

What is changelog???


Are you asking what a changelog is? A changelog shows what has changed between releases of a program. The changelog should be out in the next few days.



This is the changelog:

Changes from Nero to

Release Date: 20-09-2004

New Features:
Nero Burning ROM / Nero Express

Added support for new recorders
Added new Booktype setting option “Automatic”
Optimized Booktype settings for some vendors

Bug Fixes:
Nero Burning ROM / Nero Express

Extended check for DVD+R9 Double Layer support
Fixed a problem with an empty dialog box occurring in save track mode
Fixed problems writing on second layer of a DVD+R9 DL that occurred with several drives
Fixed a localisation problem in the change booktype dialog box
Fixed a minor compatibility problem with 8x double layer medias
Fixed a problem with DVD+R9 DL burning

Nero Burning ROM

Solved a finalizing problem with CD extra
Fixed some localisation problems
Fixed an instability problem when writing (S)VCD compilations
Fixed a minor compatibility problem that occurred during the copy process of open DVD+R VR media

Nero Express

Fixed an audio preview problem
Fixed a DVD disc copy problem which occurred when booktype was set to DVD-ROM
Solved some problems for VCD creation
Solved some minor GUI problems

Nero Start Smart

Extended PDF manuals
Solved a minor localisation problem
Solved a minor GUI problem

Nero Wave Editor

Fixed An error under Windows NTâ„¢ which occurred when starting Nero Wave Editor
Fixed a minor audio output problem
Fixed compatibility problem under Windowsâ„¢ 98

Nero BackItUp

A backup is no longer deleted if update backup is cancelled when a medium is requested
Nero Cover Designer

A problem that was caused by clicking on the brush tool is fixed