What is .cda format, how do I burn it?

Some d\l’s turn into xxxx.cda format after burned using CDRWIN & bin\cue file. .cda is associated with Win Media Player. The cue file is: FILE “IWAR2-~1.BIN” BINARY
TRACK 01 MODE2/2352
INDEX 01 00:00:00
for disk 1. What program do I use for Mode2, and associate cda files to what? My coaster pile is stacking up.

.cda are 4 bytes files for windows that represent audio tracks.

i think you’re writing quite wrong…

oh yeah , don’t talk about illegal sotware here.

Can you tell me how to fix this problem?

Yes, use a LEGAL registred copy of CDRWIN.

You seem to be using an illegal serial, and CDRWIN fakes that the CD is writen succesfully. But actually, CDRWIN writes some “mistakes” to the CD and the CD will apear as an audio cd (.cda.files) and not as a data CD like it should.
Some illegal serials are blacklisted, and you are using one of them.

shame on you! :wink:

It was in the software given to me with the burner, second hand.

If you think you own a legal version of CDRWIN…then contact Goldenhawk

www.goldenhawk.de or .com

CDRwin is well known for the fact that it creates coasters if you entered a wrong SN. (it will say OK but it just burns coasters afterwords!)

I always use Nero to burn my images. (Nero: file -> burn image…) :smiley:

And cda is the normal filetype if you look at an audio cd!

Just want to thank ya’ll for the much needed input to this still learning newbie. Now its on to hardware forum where I need advice on hard drives. Please look for my post. TIA

i hate cdrwin anyway - use other software!

yeah, now that I realize that nero covers bin\cue, etc. Still working on how to burn bin files that are in mode2 format.