What is booktype setting?

i have always used dvd -r,and have read that +r are better dvd’s,so i bought a pack…i have one older dvd player that will not play +r,so i have read that if i set the book type setting it will work…what exactly does this book type setting function do?

Changing the booktype makes the disc appear as a DVD-ROM instead of a DVD +R. In this way most of older players can be “fooled” and then read the disc flawlessly :slight_smile:

Google had revealed it in no time…


and then read the disc [B]flawlessly[/B] :slight_smile:
This wording can be misleading. And older standalone DVD player will either play DVD+R or refuse it entirely. There is no in-between I think. Besides, a +R booktyped to ROM can still have reading “flaws” if it’s not been burnt properly, or has poor reflectivity, etc…! :wink:

As for +R being superior to -R, it shoudln’t be so, but the thing is, +R costs less to produce, so with all the cost cutting to sell cheaper media, -R suffers more. This can lead to -R discs that have all sorts of problems, from benign (not pristine PIE/PIF scans) to very annoying (fast degradation - notably RITEK -R :Z ).

Some manufacturers offer excellent -R media, like 8X Verbatim.

Dvd-Rom is also the profile of a commercial Dvd.

great thanks i have a recorder dvd +r now and would like to change it to -rom is it possible even that it has been recorded?

No, once the disc has been recorded you can no longer change the booktype (except with DVD+RW media and only in some drives).

when i go buy a dvd movie like superman is the disc recorded as a -dvd rom thanks

It’s not recorded at all, it’s pressed directly into polycarbonate and then a reflective layer is added as well as some bonding material and another layer of polycarbonate.

The disc will identify itself as DVD-ROM but it’s physically different from a recordable disc.