What is book type dvd-rom?

I’m new to dvd burning and noticed that nero has an option for book type dvd-rom. Should I have this option enabled when I burn my dvd+rs? I’m not really concerned about compatibility but is it a good idea to have this on?

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Here is a quote from a news item I recently posted on the mainpage. I think it answers your question:

For those of you who don’t know, changing the bitsetting means that you change your DVD+R(W) media from being identified as +R(W) disc to being identified as a DVD-ROM disc. This is useful because some DVD players will not read DVD+R(W) discs. By turning these discs into DVD-ROM discs instead it will enhance playability! More information on this can be found in this PDF-document.

Dear G@M3FR3@K:
I am just now considering trying to burn a dual layer DVD on my LG Supermulti burner. This burner usually shows up as a DVD-RAM device. I could really use the two links which you kindly included in this post but they do not work. Can you supply updated links for Booktype information. Neither the “PDF Document” link nor the otherone linking to your other indepth article work.