What is blindwrite?

From what I have read, (hopefully its correct) it reads a DVD and stores it on your HardDrive so you can watch it from there. Is this true? If so I have been looking for a program that can do this! If not, does anyone know an app. that CAN do that?

As long as you own the original.

You could use something like Smartripper to copy the disc onto a folder on your HDD & then Power DVD to play this folder (Its the only DVD playback I know that allows you to play a folder rather than a disc).

I’ve always viewed blindwrite as a disc copying program that’s useful for copying protected CD’s, but perhaps it’s evolved since I last investigated it; I don’t know.

However, the free (and highly recommended) program that many people, including myself, like to use to extract a DVD movie to the hard drive is DVDDecryptor, at the following link:


This program will defeat the DVD copy protection and copy all of the unprotected DVD files onto your hard drive. You can then use a DVD player program such as WinDVD or PowerDVD to open and play them.

Hope this helps!

cool, I already have the shrink and decryptor programs (thanks to you!) plus Power DVD but I didn’t know that it played files/folders. Thanks again.

or u can save it as iso and load it with nero image or any other program for loading images and use it as a virtual dvd drive

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If you try to copy a CSS protected DVD (movie) with BlindWrite 5 you will get the message “Source media is copy prohibited” and it will not read.
The easiest way around this is to use some software like DVD43 or AnyDVD to make the DVD appear unprotected.